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Tips On How To Maintain Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great investment, and for the units to last for a long time, you have to take care of them. Here ere are some of the ways of taking care of the units:


Whether you have real wooden or faux wood shutters, you need to clean them to maintain an elegant look regularly. When cleaning the real wooden units, you should avoid using a lot of water as you risk warping them.

The best way of cleaning the real wooden shutters is to use a moist piece of cloth. In addition to cleaning the units, also consider polishing them. You should spray a dust cloth with wood polish and use it to dust the shutters. If your shutters have crevices and small grooves that collect dust and dirt, spray a toothbrush with polish and use it to clean these hard-to-reach areas.

If you have vinyl shutters, you don’t have to worry about how to clean them as they don’t warp even if you expose them to a lot of moisture.

When vacuuming the shutters, tilt the slats. You need to clean all the areas including the bottom and tops of the units. If you have to clean them, use soap and water. You should use distilled water as it doesn’t cause spotting.

If the shutters have grooves and crevices that collect dirt and grime, dip a toothbrush in the soapy water and clean them. While the shutters are able to withstand a lot of water use, avoid using all-purpose spray cleaners as they are too harsh and tend to discolor and even stain the shutters.

After cleaning the units, dry them thoroughly with a towel. This not only leaves the shutters looking great, it also prevents spotting.

Handle the shutters with care

In addition to regularly cleaning the screens, you also need to handle the shutters with care for them to last for a long time. When opening and closing them, be gentle with the rod. When opening the interior shutters to the side, fasten them so that they don’t bang against the wall. This not only protects the wall, it also protects the shutter framework.

If you are looking for shutters for your home, you should highly consider going for wooden shutters. From their name, these are units made from wood.

Why you should install wooden shutters

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider the wooden units and not any other. Some of the reasons include:

Plenty of options: If you have been to the market you must have realized that there are many types of wooden units that you can go for. One of the unique is the board shutters that are made from large wooden slabs.

These come in handy during the hot months of the year. When it’s too hot, you only need to close them, and you will lock out most of the heat thus leaving your house cool.

Ease of customization: Another thing with the plantation shutters is that they are easy to customize. When you buy them, you can paint any color on them, and they will look spectacular. If you are interested in a unique design, you only need to contact the manufacturing company and give them your design, and they will custom make the shutters for you.

Elegance: Since the units are made of high-quality wood, they tend to look great thus give your home an elegant appeal.

Tips on how to take care of the shutters

For your wooden units to last for a long time and also look good for long, you need to take good care of them. To help you out, here are some of the ways of taking care of the shutters:

Protect them from direct sunlight: Too much light exposure to the shutters results in them cracking. The paint also tends to fade giving the units an ugly look. To maintain the elegant look of the units, you should protect them from excessive light exposure. You can do this by installing a curtain that prevents the light from reaching the interior shutters.

You also should avoid painting the units a dark color that soaks a lot of heat thus putting the units at the risk of cracking.

Watch how you clean the shutters: You should regularly clean the shutters to maintain the glowing look, but you should be cautious of how you do it. As a rule of thumb avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the indoor shutters. In addition to the chemicals damaging the shutters, it also puts you and your family at the risk of inhaling harmful gases.

Tips On How To Maintain Plantation Shutters

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