How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane

Most cats want to become home buddies, but sometimes you want to take them with you. It is possible to fly with your cat, and there are tips here you can follow to make that possible


You might feel a bit nervous when you are about to hop on a plane with your cat. How are you going to keep them safe? Will they be scared? Can you make them sit with you in the cabin? There are plenty of things to consider when you will fly with your cat. If you plan ahead, pacing travel supplies such as cat food and bowl all make sure that you are meeting the requirements of your airline.

Here are tips for you:

Make Sure they Stay Calm

If you need to take your cat with you because of a business trip, relocation, or just to visit your relatives, you should spray the carrier with pheromone like Feliway. Stash paper towels, collar ID tag, resealable bag, or anything else for cleaning their poop or pee. You can put all of those in the carrier’s pocket. You also want to bring a small bag of treats for them, a collapsible water bowl, and a pet diaper.

Go to Your Vet and Get the Paperwork

Have your pet checked by the vet and see if he or she is healthy enough to go on a plane. Flying is not so okay for cats like Persians because they have a short face and nasal passage. Your cat would have to be fully vaccinated and have the documents to show for it. Ask what other documents you need from them. You should also have your cat microchipped before flying.

Book for You and Your Cat

After you reserve, it is best to directly call the airline to book for your cat. Policies may vary depending on which airline you are going to fly in. Most of the time, there is a limit to how many pets they allow in the cabin per flight. You should expect to pay extra each way if you want to travel with your cat next to you. Bring their medical records to verify that he or she has updated vaccines.

When the Day Comes

Avoid feeding your cat a couple of hours before the flight because they might have motion sickness. Pack all the supplies a day before, so that you do not have to rush. You can bring a blanket to drape it over their carrier, so they have less exposure to unfamiliar things around them.

After the flight, give them treats, pets, and encouragement. Once you reach the place, give them water and food right away, and litter.

If you plan ahead, you do not have to stress too much once the day comes. When you arrive at your destination, it is normal for your cat to hide for a while until they become familiar with the surroundings. You should not worry about this.