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How To Cut Down A Tree In A Narrow Space

Tree removal is a difficult job as it requires expertise to cut down a tree safely without damaging the nearby property. The difficulty level of tree cutting increases when the tree is in a confined space, near the house or pavement, or in a hard-to-access area. DIY is not suggested considering the expertise required to safely cut down the tree and that’s why you should hire tree cutting services. Below are the ways and methods used to remove a tree in confined spaces.

Felling The Tree Using A Chainsaw

The normal method of felling a tree with a chainsaw is used if the tree is small. The tree specialist will use a chainsaw and safety equipment to make wedges in a way that the tree doesn’t fall on the dangerous close house, pavement, garage, or any other property.

Unless the tree is very small and ornamental, you should not DIY it and let a professional cut it down because the risk of it falling down on your or your neighbor’s property is high.

Moreover, the tree professional will inspect the tree and decide if it can be cut down directly with a chainsaw or do they need to remove the upper branches of the tree. If the tree is big enough to be cut down into sections, the tree expert will climb the tree and remove the upper branches safely. After this, the felling process begins where a chainsaw is used to make wedges to fell the tree in the correct direction.

Tree Removal Using A Bucket Truck

If the tree is in a narrow space where a professional can’t climb in ropes or the tree is near power lines, or the tree is damaged and can fall down with the weight of the professional, a bucket truck is used.

A bucket truck is a regular truck with a hydraulic pole attached to it. The pole or boom can extend to different heights. It has a bucket at its end where a person can stand and safely perform a job.

In some cases, the boom of the truck is used to remove parts of the tree but this is done only when the tree and the truck weight are calculated and the truck can take the weight of the tree. When this is done, there will be debris on the ground that should be removed carefully because there can be bigger pieces of branches or the trunk as well.

Using A Crane To Remove A Tree In A Confined Space

The usage of a crane makes the tree removal process simpler and quicker. However, it must be carried out by professionals because heavy machinery like a crane will be used so safety precautions must be taken.

With a crane, a tree can be lifted out vertically in multiple pieces and moved to a safe area where it can be further cut down into smaller pieces. This is a useful option for tree removal in narrow spaces because the tree will be removed vertically and it won’t damage the surrounding properties. However, if the tree is in your backyard, there must be a way for the crane to enter the property or be near it to lift the tree in pieces.

Moreover, even when a crane is used, a climber is required. If you have a damaged tree or the tree is in a form that can’t be climbed on, using the crane alone for the removal is not suggested and you will have to use any other method of tree removal.

Tree Removal With A Grapple-Saw Crane

This is the quickest, safest, and most modern method of tree removal. A remote-controlled grapple-saw crane is used for cutting down a tree. A truck has a boom attached to it that has a grapple saw on its end. It can lock a branch of the trunk, cuts it, and safely take the branch to the ground. This crane is operated with remote control by an expert to eliminate risks.


Removal of trees in narrow spaces is possible if the correct methods are used and experts are hired. So, find an arborist Potomac to get a quote and discuss the method that can be employed for removing your tree.