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7 Useful Pool Tile Selection Tips

Pools are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who can afford it. Not only does a pool help relax and spend some quality time with friends and family members but also improves the aesthetic appeal of the property. However, for that, you should pick the right tiles that add up to the entire appeal. It sounds easy but choosing the right combination can be difficult and, sometimes, you need input from in ground pool builders as well. Let’s take a look at some pool tiling tips that will help make the process easier.

Match The Pool With Home Décor

The first and most important pool tiling tip is to pick a theme that matches the overall theme of your house. If you opt for a minimalist approach, you should go for charcoal, gray, cobalt, and other natural hues. The best thing about these options is that they are the safest pool themes and work for any design and style.

Furthermore, if you plan on placing some furniture or décor around the pool, you will need to consider that color theme as well. In most cases, experts recommend keeping it the same. However, if you want to make it different, you will have to be very careful with the choices especially if the overall theme already consists of dark colors.

While light colors are relatively easier to match, dark colors can give you a tough time.

Prioritize Safety

Safety is a crucial factor when it comes to picking a perfect set of tiles. Before you can make the decision, you need to think about those who will be using or joining the pool. If there are kids or elderly in your family, you will need to opt for tiles that have a non-slippery texture to avoid slipping.

At the same time, if the pool is particularly for the kids, you will need to ensure it is not too deep and has safety bars that allow the kids to hold onto it in case something goes wrong. Plus, if you have pets joining the waters too, the tiles must be able to withstand minor wear and tear.

If the tiles tend to break and chips fall to the surface, people may get their feet injured the next time they are in the pool.

Consider The Budget

As mentioned earlier, pools have grown in popularity over the years, especially for those who can afford it. It is nothing short of a blessing to have a pool in your house but if you are not smart and wise with your decisions, it could go seriously wrong. This is why you need to define and consider your budget.

A common mistake made by homeowners is thinking they can spend whatever they want on whatever they want only to end up with a half-completed pool with literally zero practicality. This is something you should avoid at all costs. Regardless of the size of the pool you want, constructing it is always going to be expensive.

Therefore, defining a budget helps you narrow down the options. You will focus more on practicality rather than spending on accessories and luxuries that will hardly add any value. If you have a limited budget, you will need to be extra careful.

First, define your purpose and ask yourself some important relevant questions. This will give you a rough idea of how your pool is going to look like. And don’t carry out DIY installation of the pool and pool tiles to avoid problems as many homeowners don’t have the skills and tools for this purpose.

Consider Maintenance

Picking the right set of tiles is great, but you must maintain your pool tiles as well. Regardless of the pool size, you will need regular maintenance to protect it. Pool tiles will only last and look as good as new if they are periodically maintained. Otherwise, do not be surprised if the colors start to fade and cracks begin to form.

You need to keep in mind that pool tiles have a lifespan. If you are opting for some other option like vinyl, you will need to be extra careful as it can easily tear if you have pets in the pool. So, one way or the other, pool maintenance is going to be a necessary and deciding factor in terms of the type of tiles you choose.

Consider Natural Stones

Natural stones are a great option as they are reliable and slip-resistant. But the thing is they can be expensive. Natural stones offer a pool a splendid natural look that never grows old. You will never get tired of waking up to the same look for years. Natural stones come in natural color combinations that are hard to replicate by humans.

You can get them custom-made according to your needs and preferences. Plus, you will also need to hire an expert who can install them. Natural stones are heavier than other materials. So, you might want to avoid installing the tiles on your own.

In addition to that, natural stones need maintenance as well. But it is easier as long as you are frequently doing it using the right products and techniques. If you have a natural stone patio and outdoor kitchen, these tiles can complement your patio and kitchen as well. In case, you’re installing a patio and outdoor kitchen along with a pool, get an outdoor kitchen contractor Long Island on board as well.

Consider The Style

Once you have decided on the perfect set of tiles or stones, it is time to consider the style. This is yet another complicated but important step. Even if you have the best-looking tiles out there, it could all go easily wrong if you style them wrong. In simple words, the style could either make or break the deal.

Moreover, the style you choose may also influence other factors such as cleaning. This means if you were to consider a larger tile, you are most likely to spend less on upkeep. This is because larger tiles have fewer seams that prevent dirt buildup.

Since maintaining a pool takes time and effort, you should consider a style that requires larger tiles and less effort to clean. On the other hand, smaller tiles tend to do a better job in terms of captivating designs.

Smaller tiles offer more detail and creativity when it comes to creating unique styles and designs. If still can’t decide the style, you should look around or consult an expert. They can assess the place, listen to your requirements, and propose excellent styles.

Less Is More

Finally, a tip that is often overlooked but does wonders. Nothing beats the idea of simplicity, modesty and less is more. You can choose a minimalist design and still make your pool stand out. Majority of the homeowners believe that it is only possible if you opt for expensive styles and tiles.

That is not true. Following the trend may not suit your purpose. Therefore, opt for things that keep the pool area looking natural and not too over-decorated. You can easily go wrong with an expensive set of tiles that do not even come close to matching the theme of your house. So, instead of being an attraction, it might add spice to the already sore eyes.


You should do some research before choosing tiles for your pool. Consider the purpose, define your budget, and ask for second opinions from pool contractors Long Island to get everything right. This will both help your pool stand out and add value to the house.