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Fixing Microwave Oven Problems

A microwave is a useful appliance to use around the kitchen. However, just like any other appliance, it is bound to get damaged and not work properly. At that point, you may have to get the assistance of an appliance repair expert. Here are some common microwave oven problems and how to fix them.

When The Microwave Won’t Turn On

When you go to turn on the microwave and it doesn’t turn on, then you can check the power first. Make sure that the plug is secured in the socket and that it’s not loose. If that’s not the issue, then you need to check the door latch and make sure that the microwave is tightly shut.

A microwave will not work or turn on until you close the door, so check the latch and make sure that it’s secure. Lastly, you can check the switch to which the plug is attached. Sometimes, a switch might not have current in it and it needs to be inspected for loose wiring.

The Door Of The Microwave Won’t Open

If your microwave is not opening even after trying to press the button, then you need to check the manual of the microwave for an overdrive. There is a way to manually open the door of the microwave without having to break anything.

Once the door is opened, you can take the button out of the assembly and check it. It needs to be free of fault and there shouldn’t be any wear and tear on the button. If there is, however, then you will need to replace the button with a new one and check the door once again by opening and closing it. You will be good to go.

The Center Table Of The Microwave Oven Stops Turning

A microwave has a glass or ceramic table which rotates the plate of food you put on it and it heats the food evenly from all sides. Sometimes, the plate can stop rotating and this can lead to the food not getting hot at all. This can be due to a couple of reasons.

First, you want to make sure that the plate isn’t broken. If it’s not, then you’re good to go. Next, you want to check whether the plate is mounted correctly on the rotating bearings of the microwave.

A lot of the time, the plate is not evenly placed on the rotating mechanism and this can affect the performance. Mount it on correctly and then check to see if the plate is rotating or not. In rare cases, the motor might be broken, which can be easily replaced. You need to check for these issues and once you have everything sorted, the microwave should work properly.

The Door Won’t Close

The microwave has side prongs that go into the cavities in order to lock the microwave for good and start the heating. Sometimes, these prongs will not be secure and they won’t allow the microwave door to close. This can be due to the microwave being old.

There also might be something stuck in the cavity that is preventing the proper locking of the microwave door, so you can check that as well and pry the obstruction out. Once all of these things are checked, you can try to close the door of the microwave. It should close without any hindrance.

The Buttons Are Not Working

This issue normally occurs with microwaves that have touch pads. If there is a screen issue, as the numbers are not showing, then you can replace the entire board. If that’s not an issue and the numbers aren’t pressing, then you want to check the main circuit board of the microwave oven.

It can get old over time and it’s better to get a new microwave altogether, instead of replacing it, because it can be a huge expense. This isn’t an issue with microwaves that have rotary knobs, making them more efficient for use.

The Light Doesn’t Turn On

This is probably the most common issue with a microwave and it’s the easiest to solve too. The light of the microwave can sometimes stop working. This may be due to the bulb being broken and a simple replacement and repair will do the trick. But sometimes that isn’t the issue and if your microwave is very old, then there might be something up with the control panel and circuit board, which isn’t lighting up the bulb.

This calls for a new microwave because the control panel, once defective, is really hard to replace and the performance won’t be the same either.

There Are Sparks In The Microwave

Sparks can usually occur in microwaves when there is an exposure of metal in the microwave, which is why it’s recommended that you don’t use metal plates or utensils inside the microwave. If that’s not the case, then check for chipped paint or broken parts in the microwave. This can also lead to sparks.

Another huge issue can be a burned diode, whose wire can spark when the microwave gets too hot. These things don’t mean that the microwave is faulty, it just means that some maintenance is required. This is the same as a washer not spinning. Many times, performing a washer repair Northern VA will fix the issue.

The Microwave Is Making Noises

This is also a very common issue. Sometimes, the plate of the microwave is not mounted correctly and it can make rattling noises when rotating. Check that first and see if that’s the problem. If it’s not, then you can check the main motor of the microwave and the fan, which circulates heat through the microwave.

These things can also be faulty and you can easily change them. This should solve the problem. If that’s not the case either, then something is probably wrong with the voltage diode of the microwave, which can also be replaced.

It’s Not Heating Food Properly

Another issue that can happen in older microwaves is the inability to heat the food. First, you want to power your microwave off and check the switch and plug, to make sure that nothing is fused. Once you have that out of the way and there’s no issue with either of these things, you can check the voltage diode, which is responsible for producing heat through a magnetron.

If either of these things looks in bad condition, then you can replace them with new ones. You can experiment by testing the microwave out and it should heat food without any problems.

Microwave Starts And Stops

Last but not least, your microwave can also shut down mid-operation. This can be due to a couple of things. Firstly, you want to check the plug and see if it’s loose or not. If that’s not the case, then you need to check the door seal.

A broken door seal indicates to the microwave that it’s still open and you can double-check by pressing on the door of the microwave and it will light up and start working. This is a clear indication that your seal needs replacing, which can be done in a matter of a few short minutes.


There you have it! These problems may be very common but they can affect the performance. These issues aren’t that hard to solve and now you know how to fix them. If there is any confusion, consult oven repair Alexandria services.