How Love Works

Love does a number of things to a person. You can be head over heels, stuck, or totally in love. It is mysterious, fun, sad, and exciting. You might hear a song playing on the radio that resonates


If you are in love or were in love, you most likely classified it as an addiction. That is correct. It so happens that scientists discovered that there is a chemical process in the brain that starts working when people are in love.

Love is scientifically defined as a chemical state of mind in your genes and our upbringing had something to do with it as well. Everyone is partly wired for romance because our role is to be shower our helpless babies with love diligently.

Here is how love works:

How it Works on Your Brain

When you ponder on love, you will most likely think it mainly involves the heart. However, it is actually your brain that works when you are in love.

The changes in the brain are triggered by how love impacts your mood and behavior when those feelings are fresh. Some effects still linger even after you have a blush of love for the first time. This is what strengthens your decision or commitment over time.

 It is Like a Drug

Before you fall in love, the opioid system in your brain is triggered when you see someone attractive. It is the same part of the brain that gets triggered by painkillers. This is what makes you “like” something because it gives you that feeling. Based on a recent study, men who received small morphine doses were more attracted when they saw women’s faces compared to those who were not given any. This goes to show that the brain’s opioid system is responsible for your attraction towards someone.

Willingness to Sacrifice

The majority of people agree that love involves sacrifice and compromise.

These can be small sacrifices like picking a small flower for that person or life-changing. For instance, you travel halfway around the world to move there with your partner.

As time goes by, your love becomes stronger. Therefore, your willingness to make sacrifices becomes more intense. There is a belief that this happens because you are both more in synchrony now. That is because of the vagus nerve in your brain and it is responsible for the facial expressions you make and your heartbeat rhythm.

Makes You OC

Love lowers the serotonin level in your brain and its attributes to obsessive-compulsive disorders. Since the serotonin level drops, you are concentrated on the person you have affection for. You are single-minded towards them. However, this feeling also causes you to be blind and look past the undesirable traits of the person during the early stages. You choose to only focus on the good qualities of your partner.

These are some of the facts on how love works and why we fall in love. It is inevitable, but you always have a choice.