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7 House Staging Mistakes Sellers Make

Selling a house requires many procedures and the final stage is staging your house for a showing. Your realtor expects you to stage your house so that the potential buyers are impressed and consider buying it. However, some common mistakes are made during staging that realtors dread and can be a deal breaker. Here are few mistakes to avoid;

Personalizing Too Much

It makes sense that your house should be a reflection of your choices and to personalize it according to your choosing. But that is when you are living in your house. When you are to stage your house up for showing you need to keep it as mellow as possible. The potential buyers may not have the same taste as you and can be a deal-breaker which will be a problem.

Seller’s agent will tell you to improve the appeal of the house by going for neutral colors and decreasing the number of things that were there like replacing family photos with artwork and removing any pets from house for the time being.

Not Removing Furniture

Including too much of the furniture will make your rooms look smaller. The important furniture like sofas in living rooms and bed in bedrooms are necessary but extra furniture should be removed so that the house doesn’t look cluttered or smaller. Just make sure that your furniture is not damaged too much or else you may have to replace it.

Too Much Space

Removing furniture to create space can work but too much space can make a house look empty and creates a bad impression on buyers. Buyers can be incredibly picky and wouldn’t like a house that is too empty. Keep some poise about the spaciousness and create a balance between too much and too less space. Realtors will also tell you to keep your house just the right amount of space. A key tip is not to keep your furniture slightly away from the wall so there is enough space behind them and enough space in front of them

Depersonalizing to a Boring Extent

Depersonalization should be done but don’t take it too far as to repainting the walls making your house look like a hospital. If you are to repaint, keep it very vibrant and in contrast. Neutral colors should be applied, and they should be in contrast to the theme of the furniture. Make your house memorable to the buyers so that your seller’s agent can have it easy and pursue them in buying your house.

Not Including Area Rugs

Area rugs are important in staging your home. They should be placed at only certain places and not cover the whole floor because there is a chance that they may think that you are trying to hide something. Area rugs add more beauty to the room and make it more welcoming. Make sure to add rugs that match the ambience of the room and make them more appealing and remove any that are old and dirty.

Over Staging

Over staging is when you overly exaggerate everything there is needed to stage. Too much of everything is not what buyers want. They want a clean representation of what they are walking into. Too many pillows on the couch or too extravagant colored painting or too much artwork or too much use of air fresheners aren’t good as you may not know any allergies they may have regarding anything. So keep it mellow and natural as much as you can.

Ignoring Small Repairs

Small things have a huge impact. When talking about a house, small things such as dents, cracks, tears, or small fixes contributes a lot to making your house look neat, tidy, and up to date. But, if you don’t pay enough heed to it and ignore these little things then your house might not be able to leave a good impression on the visitors and buyers. So, make sure you look for these small details and get them repaired to uplift your house’s charm.

These things are important for you to keep in mind before contacting the seller’s agent to register your property and start bringing in the families to show it.