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8 Marble Countertop Installation Mistakes To Avoid

You may be remodeling your kitchen or simply replacing the countertop with a new marble counter, you would want it to go smoothly. To ensure this, you should plan and execute the installation with care and patience. Let’s discuss the mistakes you should avoid when installing marble countertops.

Not Testing Samples Before Ordering

You may need samples to test the quality of the marble countertop you’re buying for your kitchen. However, bringing home samples of the countertop materials is essential for checking how the countertop will look in the kitchen and if it’s matching with the color and theme of the kitchen.

This step may not appear important at the time, but keep in mind that a design or color may look attractive in the store, but when brought home, they might not go well with the cabinets, walls, flooring, or the overall theme. So, never forget to request a sample before ordering the slab(s).

Selecting The Wrong Color

Patterns have their importance, but color is the most prominent aspect of a countertop. You should select the color of the marble countertop carefully because you need to keep a few things in mind.

The color should match the kitchen or uplift the kitchen design. Selecting a white marble counter may sound great, but it will look dirty very quickly and staining will also appear clearly on the counter.

Therefore, take samples home and select the countertop patterns and colors by giving them some thought and getting advice from someone. Select a color that goes well with your kitchen and is also easy to maintain.

Incorrect Measurements

Nothing can be worse than measuring the area, ordering a slab, and at the time of installation, finding out that the slab is too small due to incorrect measurements. This can become costly if the slab can’t be used and you have to order another slab with the correct measurements.

To ensure that the measurements are sound, use proper tools and measure the area multiple times. To completely prevent this mistake, have a countertop installer take measurements.

Too Thick Slabs

The industry standard thickness of marble and granite countertops is 3 centimeters. This ensures a balance of safety and durability. However, if you want to choose a slab thicker than 3 centimeters, it’s highly likely that you’ll get two slabs glued together. It may not appear as beautiful. Moreover, thicker countertop slabs are heavier and if you select a slab that is made of two slabs glued together, the installation process will be more difficult.

Not Considering The Weight Of The Countertop Slabs

Whether you select the standard thickness of marble countertops or unconventional thickness, the slabs are heavy and require an expert to carry out the installation safely. A DIYer or an inexperienced installer can risk damaging the slab or any other material in the kitchen especially the cabinets during installation.

Ignoring The Edging Style

Most homeowners focus on the type of countertop materials and the colors and patterns. In this process, they ignore the edges. If you don’t select edges and the dealer doesn’t remind you of them, you may end up with edges not suitable for your home.

Selecting the right countertop edges is helpful in ensuring the safety of the people in the house, especially children.

Ask for the types of countertop edges and choose an appropriate edge. Consider practically over style when picking the right countertop edge. If you forget it, the only way to change the edges is to remove the slab, change the edges, and install it again. This process will be costly.

Not Creating A Budget

Creating a budget is necessary for any home improvement project and countertop installation is no different. Research the costs of different types and colors of marble countertops and installation costs. Afterward, create a budget and decide which type and pattern is within your budget.

Installing Backsplash First

A common mistake by homeowners is they install a backsplash first and leave the countertop installation for last. This makes the countertop installation difficult and the process can damage the backsplash as well.


Marble countertops have many properties that make them likable. To ensure a smooth installation process of marble counters, avoid the common mistakes made by most people and get in touch with a granite countertop installer NC for professional installation.

8 Marble Countertop Installation Mistakes To Avoid

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